Raw material delivery

for textile manufacturers

Always a better deal! Our slogan shows main company goal – to stay hunger and try to

find the best possible offer for our customer


Working with more than 60 suppliers


30 min email response time


100% successfuly delivered


500,00 Fiber, kg 1,000,000 Fabrics, m

We believe that consolidation in business brings our customer quick steps in order to reach success! Having reliable supplier helps you not only to save precious time and costs, but what is more important it gives you the ability to adjust to the market needs.

What we do?

Fiberta works with many materials used for production and as a result of our work we offer final products for shops in the whole Europe. Starting with a raw material finally we can suggest you to have a great product produced by our manufacturers!

We are living in B2B world, therefore, everyday we are customer orientated and strongly motivated to meet our customer requirements.

Carefully tested Fiberta products safely comes on time and in expected quality to every customer. Working with us means more – big responsibility and strong partnership. Every signed contract gives us a bigger confidence feeling that our customers rely on us.

There is nothing more what we could appreciate more than our customer satisfaction.


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